Hotsprings in and around Kunming

There are many hotsprings for Spa vacation in and around Kunming, here are some recommended:


Anning Jinfang Hotspring
Add: 1 Longxi Rd., Anning Hotspring Resort
Tel: 0871-68632788
Price: 126 yuan/person
Transport: bus ride from Xiaoximen to Anning


Brilliant Spa
Add: Yangzong Lake Resort
Tel: 0871-67671666
Price: 308 yuan/person
Transport: on the old way to the Stone Forest


Xinghe Hotspring
Add: Tangzi Town, Xundian County, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6316 6959
Price: 128 yuan/person

Fubao Culture Town 
Add: Fubao Village, Liujia Township, Guandu District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6732 8000
Price: about 200 yuan/person average
Transport: public bus No. 135, 32, Z37, 255


Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town
Add: Yangzong Lake Resort
Tel: 0871-6838 9333
Price: 120 yuan/person


Huquan Hotspring
Add: 1, Huquan Hotspring Resort, Mi’le City, Honghe
Tel: 0873-6388 877
Transport: it is on the way to Yuanyang from the Stone Forest


Yinyuetan Hotspring
Add: 99, Gongyuan Rd, Daying Street, Hongta District, Yuxi 
Tel: 0877-2770666
Price: 108 yuan/person


Yuanyang Hotspring
Add: Tongdian Town, Huaning County, Yuxi City
Tel: 0877-5071009
Price: 180 yuan/person
Huaning is normally known for the Xiangbi Hotspring, and many local families run inns and serving green food with a reasonable price. You can spend one night in local inns.