Children and Handicapped

There are expense reduction and exemption oriented to children and the handicapped in the services of railway stations, airports, scenic spots, hotel, restaurants, and shopping malls. As to children tourists, travel services will, in accordance with the related regulations and requirements of the transportation sectors of civil aviation, railway and road, and the age, height of the children, and whether the children’s occupation of beds, offer the preferential conditions such as deduction and exemption in aspect of tourism expenses. You need to keep the following points in mind.


Before signing up to a tourist group, inform the travel services of the information of the children, such as the age, height of the children and whether the children occupy separate beds;


Write down in the tourism contract the information related to expense deduction and exemption;


The unexpected charges over children (such as temporarily added expenses) are usually borne by the tourists taking the children;


Children cannot enjoy the expense deduction and exemption in the following two cases: Travel on chartered flights or trains; outbound tourism.

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