Some Taboos

Originating mainly from (religious) cultures of minorities, taboos have served as crucial and helpful guidance for travellers to smoothly enjoy the meaningful tours in minority areas around Yunnan.


1-You have to take off your shoes when visiting a Buddhist temple or a house in Dai area;


2-If accommodated in a Dai family, you have to make your feet point to the door when sleeping; don’t try to stride over the leg(s) of a lady; 


3-Don't mention or order pork when dining in a Muslim restaurant; 


4-Don't touch or trample the religious symbols;


5-Don't present adornments to a lass; 


6-No entry into the ward or room of a parturient or patient;


7-Don't wear any straw hats or whistle in a room or a temple;


8-Don't beat bowls, cats or dogs with chopsticks;  


9-Don't involve any topic concerning sex; 


10-Don't be seated with your back against a shrine;  
11-Don't stride over/tread on the tripod of a fire-pit/brazier, or dry clothes over it;


12-Before joining any cerebration in a Tibetan family, you should offer Hada scarves at first;


13-You should carry out in a clock-wise way a visit to any halls of a Tibetan Buddhist temple; don't wear sun glasses or hats, and don't point at a Buddha statue with your fingers.   


14-Don't refuse when being served with liquor/wine; you could take a sip;


15-Dno't trample/sit on the threshold; 


16-Don't spit into a fire pit/brazier;


17-When being served with Three-course Tea by Bai ladies, you are supposed to take it with both of your hands;


18-Don't present eggs, feather, wood, or peppers to Wa people;