Yanquan Scenic Area

As a 3A-level scenic spot in Yunnan Province, Yanquan Scenic Attraction is located at the foot of Fushi Mountain, 2 kilometers from Yiliang county seat. Its name is derived from a spring whose water gushes out from under a rock.   


Yanquan Scenic Area used to be the temporary palace for Mr. Wu Sangui (1612-1678) and his lover (mistress) Ms. Chen Yuanyuan (1623-1695) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when Wu Sangui was bestowed as “Pingxi King” by the Qing Court. Yanquan Area is known for the “Nine-dragon Wall”-ranking 3rd among its kind in China, Shuyu Spring-dubbed as “the First Spring in Yunnan”, and Wanfo Cliff-the best place of Fengshui connotation in Yunnan. The place is full of legends and Yanquan Spring fragrantly delights most visitors.    


What highlights Yanquan Scenic Area is Yanquan Buddhist Temple which was originally erected in the Yuan Dynasty (1253-1368) by Master Chongzhao (1299-1364)-the founder of Panlong Buddhist Temple in Jinning County-for the purpose of promoting Buddhism. Under the rocks in the luxuriant woods of the temple, the limpid spring water gushes out all the year round. As early as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Spring enjoyed the reputation of “Yanquan Shu Yu” (When flowing among the rocks, the water sounds like jade). Yanquan Buddhist Temple comprises the Upper Part and the Lower Part. As its name indicates, the Lower Part is for the Buddhist enshrines, while the Upper Part is as a matter of fact is for Taoist deities. Buddhism and Daoism are found to coexist in one temple, which turns out to be one of the Eight Famous Sights in Yiliang County.
Travel tips
(1)-Yiliang County is 50 km from Kunming Downtown; Yanquan Scenic Area is 2 km from Yiliang county seat;
(2)-Transport: You can add Yanquan Scenic Attraction to your itinerary for Jiuxiang Cave or the Stone Forest; you also can take bus ride to Yiliang in Kunming East Bus Station; taxi available in Yiliang county seat;
(3)-Nearby: Jiuxiang Cave, 40 km; the Stone Forest, 30km;
(4)-Accommodation: Hotels available in Yiliang county seat or major hotel/hostels in Kunming; roast duck, feta (goat cheese) and dried beef are the most typical food there.

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