Qinglongxia Canyon Scenic Area

Qinglongxia Canyon Scenic Area is 20 kilometers from Wenquan (Hot Spring) Town of An’ning City (29 km from Kunming). Both An-Fu (An’ning-Fumin) Road and Cheng-Kun (Chengdu-Kunming) Railway run through this area. The entire scenic area comprises five parts: Floating Area, Ancient Valley Exploring Area, Valley Scenic Area, Cherry Garden and Yi Ethnic Villages. 


The Floating Area
Situated in Tanglangchuan River (a tributary of Jinsha River), this area is suitable for rafting and appreciating the intoxicating sceneries along the river banks.


The Ancient Valley
This area features centuries-old trees with large canopies. They are found twisted with old and tenacious rattans. Exploring carefully, you will be most probably impressed by each rock, tree, spring and the twisting rattans.   


Yi Ethnic Villages
There scatter five villages of the Yi ethnic minority near the scenic area. Being unsophisticated and honest, the Yi People can find full expression for heir jubilant lives and feelings by singing and dancing. A visit to a local Yi family is recommended for tourists who seek to experience the primitive ethnic culture of the Yi Minority.   


Travel tips
(1)- Add: Qinglongjie, Anning (about 30 km from Kunming);
(2)-Traffic: You can join in tours organized by travel services; you also can take bus at Xiaoximen or train at Kunming Railway Station to arrive at An’ning first, and then take local bus to Qinglongxia Area;  
(3)-Tel: 0871-6872 0884
Admission fee: 30 yuan/person
(4)-Accommodation: Inns available inside the scenic area; or you can go back to Kunming; you can join in bonfire parties there. Local delicacies are chicken, fish, rabbit and goat etc roasted in Yi style. 
(5)-Nearby: The Hot Spring, 30 km; Caoxi Temple, 22km.


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