Visa Regulations

Foreign tourists traveling to China need to apply for a travel visa (Visa L) with the overseas embassies and consulates of China. Tourist groups consisting of nine or more people may apply for a group travel visa.


In applying for visas, aliens shall provide such pertinent information as requested and complete the following procedures: 


a. Present valid passports or replacement certificates; 


b. Fill in visa application forms and submit recently taken two-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photos; 


c. Submit for examination papers supporting the application for entry into or transit through China. 


Aliens holding a travel visa (Visa L) shall enter China through the ports opening to aliens or the designated ports, and accept the inspection by the frontier inspection organs, present valid passport and Chinese visa to the frontier inspection organs, fill in the entry card, and enter after the passport and visa are checked with a “Checked” stamp of the frontier inspection organs.


Alien tourists shall not travel to the areas not opening to the aliens, or he shall be punished in accordance with the law. In case the business thus requires the alien traveling to the areas not opening to the aliens, he shall apply for an Aliens Travel Permit by presenting his valid passport, showing the official letters presented by the reception departments, filling in the Application Form of Aliens Travel Permit. And the Aliens Travel Permit shall not be valid unless it is used together with the passport. Alien tourists holding travel visa (Visa L) shall not be engaged in activities in inconformity with their identities, such as employment, missionary work and illegal interview. Those who violate the rules shall be punished. Chinese Government shall protect the legal rights and interests of the aliens in the territory of China. Aliens in the territory of China shall abide by and respect the laws, regulations, and customs of China. 


Aliens shall leave China within the time limit prescribed in the visas or within the period of validity of their residence certificates. In case they need to continue the travel in China, they may apply for an extension of the period of validity with the local public security organs. After the travel, they shall fill in the exit card, and leave after the passport and visa are checked with a “Checked” stamp of the frontier inspection organs.


In case the passport is lost in the territory of China, the holder shall, before exit, report the loss with the local public security organs, tell the story of the loss, and apply for exit permits with his country's embassies or consulates in China by presenting the certificate of loss report issued by the public security organs.

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