Debris Flow of Xiaojiang River, Dongchuan

With a total length of 138.2 km, Xiaojiang River is a tributary of Jinsha River to the south of the bank. The valley floor of Xiaojiang River is 15 to 50 meters wide. With precipitous cliffs on both banks, the relative altitude difference reaches 1,000 to 2,000 meters, and the drop in elevation of the river reaches 909 meters. Due to loose rock structure, sparse vegetation on the banks, and the well-developed dissected troughs, large-scale debris flows frequently happen here. In flood season, the flow rate of the debris flow reaches over 100 billion cubic meters per second. The stones, either big or small, together with the broken branches and roots of the trees, are carried down the slopes by the mud, forming a great "river" of stones and mud. It is a vicious result of the unbalanced ecological environment and a marvelous landscape of the nature. There are 51 debris flow ditches in the 90 kilometers below Mount Longtou. Among these, Jiangjia Ditch, Big White Mud Ditch, Small White Mud Ditch, Yutoutang Ditch, and Laogan Ditch are the most developed ones.

In recent years, availing of the debris flow, Dongchuan has carried out auto cross-country events, for which Dongchuan has got a wide fame in the world.


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