Tour Routes of Southeastern Yunnan

Karst Landscape Area is located in eastern and southeastern Yunnan, which includes the south of Qujing, Hani and Yi minority autonomous prefecture of Honghe and Zhuang minority autonomous prefecture of Wenshan. Along the tour route, tourists can appreciate Karst landscapes of the mountain, water, forest and cave as well as enjoy folk customs of the Yi, Miao, Buyi, Hani and other minorities. Tourists have chances to wonder at the majesty of the rapeseed flowers in Luoping which is thought to be the world’s biggest natural garden, the beauty of colorful sand forests and carvings, the magnificence of Hani Terraced Fields and the poetic landscapes of Puzhehei. Furthermore, tourists can not only take the Inch Gauge Tour Train formerly built by the French to recall the historical and drastic changes of Yunnan-Burma railway, but also walk into various ancient towns or courtyards with thousands of years’ history in southern Yunnan to experience its ancient history.

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