Huating Buddhist Temple

This major tourist attraction is located in a beautiful pristine environment of rare flowers, bamboo groves and trees at the foot of the Huating Mountain in the Western Hill Forest Park, and is the largest and best preserved of the Buddhist temples around Kunming. It was listed as one of the key Buddhist temples in Chinese Han-inhabited area by the State Council in 1983.

During the Yuan Dynasty the Yuanjue Temple was established on this site and around 1060 during the period of the Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms in the Song Dynasty the then Governor of Kunming, Gao Zhiseng built a villa here for use as a summer palace. In 1320 the Monk Yuanfeng, a disciple of Master Xiongbian from the Bamboo Temple built what is now known as the Huating Temple on this site and over the centuries the temple has been enlarged and rebuilt several times. The present complex, developed on structures dating back to 1687, was completed in 1923. 

The Temple is laid out over an area of 120,000 square meters and follows the slope of the mountain on its three levels of courtyards and halls containing a Living Pond, the Heavenly Guardians Hall, a two tired courtyard and the Majestic Hall. 


The main temple houses a magnificent and unique trio of gilded Buddha's seated on lotus thrones with 500 Arhats on the side walls in the spirit of the Arhat in the Bamboo Temple. The combined effect of the gardens and the statues is to say the least profound.


Add: inside the West Mt Forest Park
Tel: 0871-68411759
Admission fee: 20 yuan/person


Public bus No. 6 at Mianshan bus terminal, stop at Gaoyao and then take a tour bus in the West Mt Forest Park