The Former Site of Yunnan Military School

This well maintained and brilliantly curated military museum is located on West Cuihu Road, adjacent to Yunnan Provincial Agricultural Exhibition Hall and the Provincial Library. 


One of the earliest military schools in China, Yunnan Military School was established during the Qing Dynasty to train modern officers and is of significant historic interest. Visitors can view a variety of well maintained vintage weapons, magnificent paintings and pictures of historic events in warfare as well as the accommodation, complete with furniture, used by the officers and staff at the school.


The school was established in 1909 and closed in 1928, 19 groups of students graduated from the school which trained Officers for the infantry, cavalry, artillery, and engineering divisions of the armed forces. 


The School Building is a large-scale traditional building of earth, wood and stone laid out in a square consisting of buildings to the east, west, north and south each of which are about 120 meters long and 10 meters wide which combine to form an integrated structure. Wide arches and provide access to each of the buildings.


Add: at the west bank of the Green Lake Park
Tel: 0871-65322488
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 
Admission fee: free



Public bus No. 1, 100, 133,101

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