Dongsi Pagoda and Xisi Pagoda

The Dongsi Pagoda is located in Shulin Street of Kunming and the Xisi Pagoda is located in Dongsi Street of Kunming. They were both constructed during the period of the Nanzhao Kingdom.


Dongsi Pagoda was originally called Changle Pagoda and Xisi Pagoda was originally called Huiguang Pagoda. These classic pagodas were sponsored by Wang Cuodian, the Longdong Governor of Nanzhao who entrusted the construction of both to the craftsman Weichi Mutao.


During the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty the Dongsi Pagoda collapsed in an earthquake as its foundations were defective and the Pagoda was then reconstructed on its current site.

Both the pagodas are 13-floor brick buildings with heavy eaves. Dongsi Pagoda is 40.53 meters tall and Xisi Pagoda is 30 meters tall. Both have undergone regular refurbishment and repairs over the years.


There are four "golden roosters" made from copper sheets, one at each of the corners on top of both pagodas. The golden roosters are over one meter tall and copper tubes with metal reeds were installed in the hollow head, neck and thoracic cavity of the birds.


It is said that when strong winds pass through the copper tubes the reeds vibrate, creating a sound identical to that of roosters crowing. These roosters are classic examples of the ingenuity and skill of Kunming's ancient craftsman.


Add: Downtown, near the Golden Horse Archway and Jade Rooster Archway


Public bus No. 107, K12, 148, stop at Dongsi St.
Public bus No. 98, 62, A1, stop at Golden Horse Archway