The Making of Erkuai, a Traditional Household Snack in Kunming

Er'kuai is in fact Rice Cake. As one of the household snacks in Kunming, it is made from steamed rice by a process of pounding and kneading. Kept in different shapes, it can also be prepared by frying, boiling, steaming and baking etc.

The traditional technique for making Er'kuai in Guandu Old Town is one of the intangible heritages in Kunming. Er'kuai Exhibition Center in Guandu Old Town showcases the traditional ways for making Er'kuai and help citizens retrieve the old memories of Kunming. Five pictures show you a general idea of how Er'kuai is made.

1-Steaming rice is only the beginning for making Er'kuai

2-Pounding is the key step for making Er'kuai, which asks for muscle work.

3-Kneading the pounded rice into different shapes

4-Er'kuai traditionally made can have a shelf life of as long as 6 months.

5-Baking is the most popular way for Kunming locals to prepare Er'kuai.