The Golden Temple Park

This beautiful park located in the Minfeng Mountain 7 km to the east of Kunming is home to the largest Taoist bronze tiled temple in China built in 1602 which has been preserved almost intact.

The temple is a close copy of the Golden Palace in the Wudang Mountains in Hubei Province in Central China and enshrines the Taoist God Zhenwu. The original Golden Palace was moved to Jizu Mt in Dali in 1637 and was rebuilt in 1671 by Wu Sangui. The cast bronze panels are remarkable for their unique designs and are classic examples of the ancient bronze casting and smelting techniques used in Yunnan and weigh over 200 tons.

Among the other attractions in the park are a Bell Tower housing a 14 ton bell cast in 1424 during the Yongle era, a Parrot Garden, the famous Camellia Garden and the Orchid Garden with many beautiful specimens. This park is a major venue for Kunming Camellia Festival in the spring. The park is adjacent to the Horti–Expo Gardens with cable cars connecting the two gardens through the surrounding forest.


Add: at Mingfeng Mt, 7 km from downtown, adjacent to the Horti-Expo Garden
Tel: 0871-65018306
Admission fee: 30 yuan/person


Public bus No. 10, 60, 71, 76, 146, 147

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