Top 5 Destinations for Azaleas around Yunnan

Azaleas are included amongst the Eight Reputed Flowers of Yunnan, and various varieties of azaleas have already begun to bloom in Kunming. Besides parks and gardens in and around Kunming, there are many other places in Yunnan where these glorious flowers bloom in a beautiful natural setting against a spectacular backdrop. Here are a few enchanting places to visit:


Jiaozi Mt
The unique snow mountain in Kunming area, the Jiaozi Mt about 280 km from downtown Kunming is famous for alpine azaleas said to be one of the Four Great Wonders at the mountain. 
Best Time: April-June
Transport: car tour


Yingwu Mt
Another place famous for azaleas near Kunming is Yingwu Mt of Shizong County, about 130 km from the UNESCO site the Stone Forest. 
Best Time: March-Early April
Transport: car tour


Mopan Mt Forest Park
The park is 20 km from the town of Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County 200 km from Kunming. The natural views inside include plants such as rhododendron, Chinese yew, alpine meadow and ponds, among which rhododendrons are impressive from April to June. 
Best Time: April-June
Transport: car tour


The West Slope of Cangshan Mt
The Cangshan Mt of Dali is famous for its diverse in flora including over thirty varieties of azalea as well as rhododendrons particularly the West Slope in Yangbi County.
Best Time: March-June
Transport: car tour, and trekking


Spring in Northwest Yunnan comes a little later than elsewhere especially in Shangri-La where the alpine meadows are blanketed with azaleas. 
Best Time: April-June
Transport: car tour from Lijiang