Wild Mushroom Street

Mushrooms hotpot is what is the most enjoyed in this area. The soup is made from ingredients of different kinds of wild edible mushrooms, and boiled inside is what the locals call Tu Ji (eco chicken) and different kinds of wild mushrooms. Many locals and tourists go to the Wild Mushroom Street in Guanshang area to enjoy mushrooms from time to time, and for visitors to Kunming it is also so easy to find how to go because of its location near Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre. 


Visitors to Kunming always can't help going to treat themselves an authentic mushroom meal upon arriving in Kunming.

The best time to enjoy wild mushroom hotpot is between May and September


Recommended restaurants
(1)-Jing Chuan Ye Jun Wang
Add: Guanxing Rd., near Kunming Intl Convention and Exhibition Centre
Tel: 0871-67152168


(2)-Dian Jun Wang
Add: 75, Guanxing Rd.
Tel: 0871-63571660


Public bus No.107、110、140, stop at Shuangfu Road Crossing