The Best Cultural Show You Must Go in Kunming

The grand theatre show, Dynamic Yunnan, is a medley of ethnic songs and dances of Yunnan Province, reflecting the pursuit of a beautiful life of all nationalities living on this fertile land. The show is staged in Kunming each evening.

The Peacock Dance, which is the epilogue of the show, impresses many theater-goers. In the Dai ethnic culture, peacock is a symbol of romance.

The prestigious dancer, Ms Yang Liping, is the art director and choreographer of the show.

All the pros used during the show, such Tibetan Mali stones, ox heads, drums, and praying wheels, are real utensils in the life of Yunnan's ethnic groups.

Most of the performers (at least 70%) are from different ethnic groups of Yunnan, like Yi, Dai, Tibetan, Hani and Miao etc. Pictured is the dance performed by Huayaoyi ethnic members who are a branch of the Yi minority mainly living in Shiping County.

To some ethnic minorities of Yunnan, such as the Jinuo and Wa, drum is not only a kind of musical instrument, but also a kind of totem widely used in religious services.

Pilgrimage is an important part of the life of Tibetans. Pictured is a Tibetan pilgrim praying at a pile of Mani stones.

"Yan He Wu" or Cigarette Box Dance, is a traditional dance of the Suni ethnic people (a branch of Yi) living in the south of Yunnan.

Dage, or Tage, is a kind of festive folk performance combining songs and dances circulating among many ethnic minorities of Yunnan Province.

Huayaodai, who toil and multiply in the counties of Xinping and Yuanjiang etc in the upper and middle reaches of the Honghe River (Red River), is a branch of the Dai ethnic minority. They are known for the exotic culture and dazzling costumes.