Guandu Old Town

Like other old towns in China, Guandu Old Town, about 22 km from downtown Kunming, has a number of well preserved historic sites which can be summarized as "six temples, seven pavilions and eight shrines". 

Buildings in the town now house numerous shops, restaurants and food stalls which form a busy and colorful market. 

At the centre of the plaza in the Old Town is the town landmark Jingang or Varja Pagoda which was built in 1457. On the western side of the plaza are twin Bai-style Pagodas. And there are other temples and pavilions nearby. 

Address: about 20 km southeast Kunming, near the Luosiwan International Trade Town
Ticket: free

Transport: Bus No.31, stop at Guandu Old Town or bus No. 154, stop at Baoxianghe