Ethnic Communities Customs, Clothes and Food

Yunnan has a multi ethnic population made up of over 26 ethnic communities many of whom are well represented in Kunming in city villages and neighborhoods. These communities include the Han, Yi, Hui, Bai, Miao, Hani, Tibetan and Dai peoples. 


Over the centuries these communities have had an influence over the customs and culture of each other resulting in a well-integrated population. As a result each community has been able to preserve their essential cultural traditions in the performing arts such as music and dance, the decorative arts, literature, architecture and lifestyle in particular food.


Visitors to Kunming can experience live performances of the traditional music and dance of each of the many ethnic groups in their traditional colorful costumes. 


Ethnic restaurants each with their truly distinctive and unique cuisine are well represented throughout Kunming and offer tourists a unique, colorful and highly varied dining experience over the entire range of vegetables, meats, poultry and fish prepared with traditional herbs and spices.