The West Mountain Forest Park

The park is part of the Biji Mountain Chain to the west of Kunming on the Western Bank of Lake Dianchi. The mountain, because of its silhouette, is called "The Sleeping Beauty", a young girl whose hair drifts into the lake which is said to have been formed from her tears as she awaits the return of her lover.

The park is a prime scenic attraction in Southern China and stretches along the western side of the mountains which are covered with giant firs and pines. At its highest point the park is around 2,300 meters, and the ancient paths, stone stairs and walkways (carved out of the cliff face centuries ago) down the mountain slope provide the visitor with spectacular views of Kunming, the Dianchi Lake and the forest itself. Access to the park is by cable car across the lake and then by chair life to a station half way up the mountain which provides the tourist with an excellent panoramic view of the mountain and the forest.

Situated within the park are the Huating Temple, The Taihua Temple, Sanqingge and Dragon Gate which were built from the 13th century onwards during the Ming and Qing Dynasties though some of the shrines predate these by hundreds of years. 

The main halls of the Huating Temple are built along the slope with covered corridors connecting the pavilions and halls all surrounded by ancient trees and stands of flowers and orchids.

The Dragon Gate Grottoes with a stone gate leading to Datiange chamber are the oldest Taoist Grottoes in Yunnan. The Grotto is a stone chamber carved out of the cliff face between 1782 and 1854 during the Qing Dynasty. The relief carvings on the wall, the sacrificial table and candlesticks are sculpted following the original shape of the rock and this too provides the visitor with spectacular views of the lake and Kunming.

Kunming residents have traditionally made a pilgrimage to mountain on lunar 3 March to enjoy the scenery and admire the views of trees and flowers and Maomaoqing Village to the rear of the mountain is an ideal place for hiking. 


Add: 15 km from downtown
Tel: 0871-68426668
Admission fee: 40 yuan/person


Public bus No. 6 at Mianshan bus terminal, stop at Gaoyao and then take a tour bus in the West Mt Forest Park

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