The Edge


About The Edge

Tucked away in a tranquil alley off the bustling Qianju Jie, lies a café that is a haven of coziness and charm. Here, you can escape the city's hustle and bustle and surrender to the gentle embrace of the sun while savoring a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. The outdoor seating area is a sun-dappled sanctuary, perfect for those who wish to soak up some warmth with their caffeine fix. But the café's allure doesn't end with its coffee. For those with a penchant for sweetness, the café's iconic fig cream cake is a must-try. This exquisite dessert, with its delicate balance of flavors, is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee. This café isn't just a place to eat and drink; it's a slice of serenity in the heart of the city.

81 Qianju Jie (inside the yard), Huashan Jie Dao, Wuhua District