Xiulan's Homefront Wonton Restaurant


About Xiulan's Homefront Wonton Restaurant

Tucked away on the lively Baita Road in Kunming, Xiulan's Homefront Wonton Restaurant is a beloved local favorite. Known for its inventive wonton dishes, it's a place where locals frequently dine and tourists are delighted to discover.

The menu highlights the versatility of the humble wonton. From those simmered in a comforting pork chop broth to others enlivened with chili oil, or the distinctive dry wontons, each dish offers a unique taste of Kunming's rich culinary scene. Don't miss out on their sweet, iced dumplings immersed in brown sugar or the refreshing iced fermented milk - perfect palate cleansers to round off your meal.

Though the popularity of Xiulan's Homefront may lead to occasional queues, the promise of authentic flavors served in a vibrant atmosphere ensures it's a must-visit spot on your culinary journey in Kunming.

The ground floor, 347 Baita Lu, Panlong District