Nanping Pedestrian Street


About Nanping Pedestrian Street

Nanping Pedestrian Street has a rich history as one of the oldest commercial streets in Kunming and remains the commercial and entertainment center of the city that it has always been.

Nanping Pedestrian Street is 685m long and is paved with small square grey pebble stones. Four large "ventilating pillars" stand proudly along the street with aphorisms of the sages engraved on them.

The 10x10m ground relief is a famous urban landmark. An old map of Kunming, which is based on the most complete and accurate map of the old Kunming urban area drawn in the late Qing Dynasty, is inlaid on this traditional central axis of Kunming.

Nanping Pedestrian Street is still the commercial and entertainment center of Kunming. It is like the doorway to the city, welcoming visitors from all over the world with its history and charm.

Nanping Jie, Wuhua Distrct