Artime (Caiyunli)


About Artime (Caiyunli)

Art studio & art center, creative space & showroom, boutique hotel, restaurants, pub, fashion life co-exist in the whole space, which integrate experience of art & originality with multifunction including accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment, with mainstream art, personalized originality and international fashion fusing and interacting, become a “stage of art & originality”, a “destination of fashion experience” and new “site of urban tourism” to meet the requirements of new fashion nobles and tourists with exciting sensory experience.

A small commercial street transformed from an old factory. Various cultural activities are often held, such as painting exhibitions, catwalks and so on. There are many fashionable bars, electronic sound fields, etc., which are very suitable for young artists to check in.

Also called Winart sometimes.

128 Shilin Jie