China Catch Wrestling and BJJ

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About China Catch Wrestling and BJJ

We organize Mixed Martial Arts / Catch wrestling / Brazilian jiu-jitsu / Submission grappling classes in downtown Kunming.

With over 32 years of high-level competition and coaching background in wrestling, BJJ and MMA, we're now officially opening our third training center in China. We have 2 head instructors (black belt), both of which are national champions in their respective countries, thus high level instructions is guaranteed.

We cover all levels, so classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced grapplers and fighters. There's no pre-requisite on experience, age or gender. Girls are also highly welcomed.

Class Times: Mon, Wed, Fri: 19:30 - 21:30

Club Membership: Monthly: 500 yuan / month Half yr: 400 yuan / month Annual: 300 yuan / month

For further information, please contact us directly. Phone/WeChat: 150 8705 2013

PS. we also attend submission grappling and MMA competitions in China on a regular basis, so if you're interested in serious training, please let us know.

103 Taoyuan Jie, 3rd floor of Panlong swimming pool complex, nearby Jiaosanqiao Metro Station
桃源街103号盘龙区游泳馆三楼。 交三桥地铁站的附近