Jiaozi Snow Mountain


About Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is located in the far north of the greater Kunming region, close to the Sichuanese border and peaks at 4,223 meters altitude. This snow-capped mountain got its name "Jiaozi" (轿子) due to its shape resambling a sedan chair.

The best time for appreciating the charm of the mountain is from late November to March, when most of the mountain is covered in snow and offers incredible views over both the landscape and, when in luck, a sea of clouds.

Heavenly Pond and Mubang Lake are lakes on the mountain that are worth visiting as well.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is about 2.5 hours drive by car from Kunming City and can also be reached by bus from the Kunming North Bus Station.

Luquan County near the town of Zhuanlong