Western Hills (Xishan) Forest Park


About Western Hills (Xishan) Forest Park

Western Hills (Xishan) is an iconic mountain on the western edge of Kunming city, and stands on the shore of Dianchi Lake. Take a glance from afar and you will discover how it has earned its nickname “Sleeping Beauty”, although it’s also known as “Sleeping Buddha Mountain”. There are numerous historical sites on the mountain. From Dragon Gate, Westerm Hills offers a panoramic view over Kunming.

Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Pavilion and Dragon Gate are the main sights, Dragon Gate likely being the most spectacular attraction for its delicate stone carvings. The Sanqing Pavilion looks like it could be floating on air. Huating Temple is the biggest temple in Kunming with 900 years history. It is famous for its Bell Tower, Hall of Heavenly Kings and Mahavira Hall.

A cable car can get you up to Dragon Gate on Xishan, offering great vistas of Dianchi Lake and parts of the city. you can also take the subway as line 3 gets you to the foot of the mountain.

Multiple hiking routes on Western Hills is perhaps the best way to get back in touch with nature and discover the many temples that dot the mountain on the way up.

Xishan District, Xishan Gong Lu