Yunnan Wildlife Park


About Yunnan Wildlife Park

Situated a mere 7 kilometers from downtown Kunming, the Yunnan Wildlife Park (云南野生动物园) offers an unforgettable journey into China's diverse "Animal Kingdom". Encased within the lush Jindian National Forest Park (金殿国家森林公园), and next to the serene Jindian Reservoir (金殿水库), the park highlights the region's biodiversity.

With a collection boasting over 200 species and 10,000 animals, it's more than just a viewing point. Themed zones like the rare animal exhibit, African herbivore area, giant panda hall, and the thrilling lion and tiger villa cater to diverse interests.

Home to China's "National treasures" like giant pandas and golden monkeys, the park also houses exotic giraffes, rhinoceroses, and playful orangutans. Here, the majority of the animals cohabit in near-natural habitats, promising a wild and authentic experience for visitors.

Complete with catering and entertainment facilities, the Yunnan Wildlife Park is a wildlife haven offering a remarkable journey into nature amidst the urban landscape of Yunnan.

Fengyuan Lu