Dianchi Lake


About Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake, also known as Kunming Lake, is located at the south of Kunming City. It is also dubbed the “Sparkling Pear embedded in a Highland”. Dianchi, the eighth largest lake in China and the largest in Yunnan Province, is a freshwater fault lake at about 1886 meters above sea level. It is 39 km long from north to south, it is crescent-shaped, its natural banks are formed by mountains. You can enjoy the beauty of the lake's surrounding mountains from a boat or from the cable car, which Xishan Mountain with Haigeng Park.

There are dozen of attractions around Dianchi, including Xishan Mountain, Yunnan Nationalities Village, Haigeng Park and Dragon Gate, as well as multiple temples and wet land parks.

Dianchi Lu, Xishan District