Wenquan Town


About Wenquan Town

Hot Spring Town is located at the foot of Yuquan Mountain, near Tanglang River in Anning City. According to legend, the hot springs here were discovered in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The water is abundant and clear with a temperature between 40-50 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It is considered one of the best hot springs in the world due to the pristine quality of the water.

Other attractions in Hot Spring Town include Caoxi Temple, Pearl Spring, Carved Rock Corridor, and the Fahua Temple Grottoes. In addition, the Yunnan Buddhist College, the only Buddhist academy in the world with Chinese Tibetan and Pali language departments, is located on Longxi Road in Hot Spring Town.

In addition to its historical sites and natural scenery, Hot Spring Town features tourist attractions such as hot spring hotels, wellness facilities, swimming pools, private clubs, ethnic cultural halls, and shooting ranges, making it a perfect choice for relaxing days out with families and friends.