Wenlin Jie


About Wenlin Jie

Wenlin Street in Kunming is a remarkable area, Located in the heart of Kunming, Wenlin Street is home to Yunnan's top universities, with the main entrance of Yunnan University to the east, Kunming Normal College to the north, and Yunnan Normal University to the west. This iconic street and neighborhood carries a long and distinctive culture starting from the time of the Ming Dynasty. Along the slope entering Wenlin Street from Green Lake North Road, there are many night bars and cafe, as well as the famous local restaurant Duanshi Xiaoguo where one can indulge into a variety of Yunnan's famous rice noodles.

Since about 2003, many bars and cafes have opened on Wenlin Street and Wenhua Alley, and the whole neighborhood continues to be popular among the literary and artistic, as well as expats and young Kunmingers.

Wenlin Jie, Wuhua District