Jiuxiang Kast Caves


About Jiuxiang Kast Caves

In Yunnan, there is a saying "If you didn’t visit Jiuxiang Kast Cave, then you’ve not been to Yunnan." Jiuxiang Karst Caves are located in the Yi and Hui ethnic townships of Jiuxiang, northwest of Yiliang County, more than 60 kilometers away from Kunming. The caves are scattered along the banks of the Maitian River, a tributary of the Nanpan River.

There are hundreds of karst caves in the Jiuxiang area, hence why Jiuxiang is also known as the town of karst caves. The caves in this area were formed in the shallow sea sediments and gray-white siliceous bands of dolomites in the dengying formation of the sinian system around 600 million years ago.

The caves in Jiuxiang are majestic, dangerous, strange and beautiful. The main attractions are Horror Gorge, Green Gorge, Crouching Dragon Cave, Bat Cave, Lion Hall, Male and Female Waterfalls, Immortal Cave, Three Foot Cave, God’s Field and Horseshoe Bay.

If you happen to be visiting Jiuxiang during the first three day of February of the lunar calendar, you can take part in the annual Mizhi Festival of Yi people, where rare competitions such as wrestling, bullfighting and hunting are staged.

Within the territory of Jiuxiang Yizu Township, Yiliang County