Shicui Yunnan Folk Art Park


About Shicui Yunnan Folk Art Park

Shi Cui Folk Art Park is a top destination for internet celebrities and influencers. Its retro, yet artistic, foreign design creates a perfect background for beautiful social media posts.

Though Shi Cui Folk Art Park is adjacent to two other popular art parks in Kunming, M60 and Jinding 1919, its own unique elegance makes it stand out.

The name “Shi Cui,” literally “to pick up the green feather of a kingfisher,” comes from a line in the famous classic poem "Ode to the Nymph of the Luo River" which reads: "to pick up a pearl or pick up a green feather from a kingfisher.”

Half of the park is comprised of old houses and the other half an art park. There are small shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, as well as ethnic handicraft shops and art exhibition halls throughout the park. There are also preserved historical relics within the park that tell the past and present of the area.

Here, the remnants of the old factory and newly created art connect past and present, coexisting in harmony.

14 Jinding Bei Shan