M60 Creative Park


About M60 Creative Park

Established in 2014 by remodeling the Kunming Battery Factory, M60 Creative Park is a commercial area that integrates artist studios, design studios, craftsmen workshops, Loft style restaurants, cafes, and bars.

"M" stands for Miracle, "60" stands for 61.06 acres. M60 refers to the 61 acres of old-fashioned factory land that was miraculously reinvented through artistry and creativity.

To a large extent, the park still retains the appearance of the factory that came before it. Its buildings, abandoned containers, red brick walls, chimneys, and old machinery create a sense of mystery, luring visitors in to uncover the many surprises that lie within.

If you like traditional Chinese culture, you can find traditional Yunnan craftmanship here, ranging from woodcarving, leather making, fabric arts, embroidery, tie-dye, pottery and porcelain repair. M60 is home to a variety of studios dedicated to Yunnan’s intangible cultural heritage, with handicrafts ranging from paper-cutting, ethnic clothing, leather carving, bamboo weaving, and bark clothing, which distinguish M60 from other creative parks.

In addition to traditional culture, M60 also has a great atmosphere of a live music. It has hosted musicians and bands, such as Li Zhi and the band Bu Yi.

The many walls here, whether it be the dialect wall, the graffiti wall, the three colors wall, or the balloon wall, have all made the area a hot spot for social media influencers. From its extremely popular trampoline park to its hidden shops nestled amidst the greenery, you can be sure to find what your heart desires here.

M60 also has a good selection of restaurants which make it a heaven on earth for foodies among us too.

47 Puji Lu