Guandu Ancient Town

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About Guandu Ancient Town

Guandu Ancient Town is located in Luofeng Village, in the south of Kunming. As a famous historical and cultural town, it is a showcase of Yunnan culture. It was a vital transportation hub at the bank of Dianchi Lake even back to the time as early as the Dali Kingdom.

One highlight in Guandu is the "ancient ferry and fish lantern". Rows of lanterns were lit up along the bank of Dianchi Lake in ancient times, which was a grand sight.

There are six temples, seven pavilions and eight shrines inside the town. Guandu is the first place that brought Tibetan Buddhism into Kunming. Miaozhan Temple was relocated in the middle of the town in 1325. Beside these attractions, local snacks such as Guandu rice noodles are also a popular attraction for locals.

Gudu Liyuan Theater is the place where the town is still keeping the tradition of Kunming Opera alive.

North of the intersection of Guangfu Lu and 43 Xiangdao Lu