Born To Be Wild - Biodiversity Through Nordic Lens

Oct 11 – Nov 1

Hosted by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Beijing Embassy of Sweden, Beijing Royal Danish Embassy, Beijing Danish Cultural Center, Beijing TCG Nordica International Arts Center, Kunming

Imagine a world where the wellbeing of a primate or an eagle or the survival of a rare flower was seen as just as important as the wellbeing and survival of the human race. Where living in harmony with nature was primary in all human action.

The CBD COP 15 in Kunming is an important step for government institutions all over the world to come together and take actions to restore the health and the integrity of the global ecosystem. But governments can’t do it alone. The planet needs your help.

This exhibition invites you to rediscover the splendor and beauty of flora and fauna seen through the lenses of three award-winning Nordic wild life photographers.

Mogens Trolle (Denmark) will invite you to zoom in on the facial expressions and the look in the eyes of wild primates, seeing them as individuals with feelings, minds, and personalities, not that different from yourself.

Audun Rikardsen (Norway) invites you for a stroll up the arctic coast houses a pristine nature and wild life, with some of the most productive marine ecosystems.

Staffan Widstrand (Sweden) an old friend of China having visited the country 33 times, contributes with photos of animals and fauna with a strong color scheme, that is also a tribute to the special light conditions in the north.

The pictures are meant to make you fall in love with what you see. The logic behind is simple. What you love you will protect. Please step inside and fall in love.

To complement the Nordic photographers, we invite Xi Zhinong, a local Yunnanese photographer to contribute to the exhibition. For many years, Xi has been deeply involved in the protection of nature through his images of the wildlife in China.

OPENING HOURS / 开馆时间 TUE.-SAT. / 周二-周六 13:00-20:00 (Except events / 活动除外) CONTACT: [email protected]

Born To Be Wild - Biodiversity Through Nordic Lens