By Zhou Mengya in Features

For those who take joy in genuine local encounters when they travel, the chance to visit an authentic Chinese wet market should never be passed up. With heaving piles of the freshest Yunnan produce piled high onto stalls for eager customers to sort through, buzzing Zhuanxin Market (篆新农贸市场) really is a great spot at which to participate in a time-honored slice of everyday Kunming life.

One can find various kinds of mushrooms here

Located in the center of the city, not far from Nanping Pedestrian Street (南屏步行街) and Green Lake Park (翠湖) the market covers more than 2,000 square meters, offering space to as many as 700 very busy vendors. It's location and size make this one of the city's most important produce markets and an average day sees as many as 40,000 shoppers pass through its doors.

Yunnan is well known throughout China and beyond for both its special climate and biodiversity, and the first-time visitor here is likely to be overwhelmed by the apparently infinite variety of mushrooms as well as plenty of vegetables which are unique to the province. Can't identify something? Just chat to the friendly vendors who'll not only explain what it is, but also likely give you tips on how best to cook it!

Rare vegetables are common in the market

In addition to the abundant fresh fruit and veg, foodies should keep an eye out for other specialties that can be picked up here: crispy roast pork, beef jerky and famous cured legs of ham from the Nuodeng (诺邓) area to name just a few. Most vendors happily offer tasters to those browsing, so this is a great chance to sample some of China's best regional delicacies.

If you haven't yet had breakfast there are plenty of tempting ready-made eats that can be enjoyed on the go, and with almost every corner of Yunnan's culinary diversity represented here – from rice noodles to the famous Xizhou baba (喜洲粑粑) (a delicious flatbread) – you might find yourself planning your next travel adventure around the province as you snack your way through the market.

Besides fresh produce, authentic local food can also be enjoyed here

Zhuanxin Market is open 7:30-18:30 (visit in the morning for the best atmosphere and produce).

Transportation: Take the metro to Panjiawan (Line 2), take exit A and then walk (12 minutes) via Xichang Lu (西昌路), Daguan Lu (大观路) and Zhuantang Lu (篆塘路).