By GoKunming Staff in Travel

The Jiuxiang (九乡) Scenic Area covers 175 km2 and is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui township of Yiliang County (宜良县) about 90km from Kunming. It is well known for its magnificent underground Karst caves which are often referred to as the Underground Stone Forest, making it an important if not essential destination for visitors to Kunming.


Jiuxiang is inhabited by the Hui ethnic group and is also the ancestral home of the Yi people. These large Karst Caves are the main attraction and are grouped in four clusters of more than a hundred caves including Sanjiao Cave (三脚洞), Mati Bay (马蹄峡), Diehong Bridge (叠虹桥) and Dasha Dam (大沙坝) each with its own distinctive features all of which provide the visitor with spectacular sights and have led to Jiuxiang being known as a Karst Cave Museum.


This area is also home to pine and camphorwood forests and lush and varied flora, with a climate similar to that of Kunming. The local Yi and Hui people and their unique festivals, food and culture form an integral part of the visitors' experience.


The park is a world-class geological attraction and a walk through the carefully illuminated caves is rewarded with spectacular sights at almost every turn. Jiuxiang has also been a member of the International Caves Association since 1995.


Walkways are constructed to bring visitors up close with the variety of interesting formations within the cave these photos will give visitors some idea of what they can expect to see on the journey through the various caves in the complex.


Special mention must be made of the waterfall at the entrance to the third cave. It is a spectacular sight which visitors can view from a platform on the walkway directly in front of it, from where the sheer power of the waterfall is a truly awesome experience.