By GoKunming Staff in Travel

Huguo Antiques Market (护国路古玩城) is the only surviving old-fashioned antiques market in the Kunming urban area. After a long period of development, it has become a weekend market, with the stalls opening at around 9am.


The whole architectural style of the antique market is an imitation of the Qing Dynasty. The red lacquered wooden doors and windows, the mural-patterned columns and the golden tile roof all exude a historical atmosphere.


The building has three floors with quite intricate staircases, which adds character to the antique market. The staircases are not connected, so after going to the second floor from the courtyard, you have to walk up a narrow winding staircase in the corner of the second floor to get to the third floor.



Though you may not know the exact value of each item in the market, the most interesting thing is hearing about the city's history and how it relates to the items they are selling from local people. If you are interested in the local history and culture of Kunming, Huguo Antique Market is a great place to learn more!


The most lively time to visit is Saturday between 9am and midday.


Address: No.64 Huguo Road, Wuhua District, Kunming