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Qiexi Village-Enjoy Picking Up Mushrooms

Qiexi Village (formerly named Xiaoshao Village) is 10 km in the northeast of Goujie Town of Yiliang County. The village is 1,960 meters above the sea level with seductive natural sceneries and lush vegetation. Nearly 80 percent of the villagers belong to the Yi ethnic minority.  

The dense forests around the village would be a flourish of edible wild mushrooms outnumbering 500 kinds. Some popular ones include Sparassis crispa (ɡān bɑ jūn), Russula virescens (qīnɡ tóu jūn), Collybia albuminosa (jī znɡ jūn), Lactarius hatsudake (hónɡ zhī rǔ ɡū) and Boletaceae (niú ɡān jūn) etc, among which the most famous is Sparassis crispa. Qiexi ranks first in Yunnan Province for its Sparassis crispa output of 6-8 tons yearly.  

(Assorted edible mushrooms)

Qiexi Village is an excellent destination for one when he or she travels around in Kunming in summertime. Since the mountains are contracted to families of the village, one can be accommodated in a local farmhouse inn and follow the host to pick up mushrooms in the mountains. 

Travel tips
(1)-Best travel time: July-October;
(2)-30 km from Yiliang county seat;
(3)-You can join in tours by travel services; or take bus at Kunming East Bus Station to Yiliang county seat first, then take local bus to the village;
(4)-Nearby: Yilong Lake (3km); Dadieshui Waterfall (8km); Taiyang Valley (Sun Valley); Shiban River. You can do your tours by hiking or horse-riding.
(5)-Accommodation: Farmhouse inns in the village; mushrooms and other local delicacies. 

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