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Tour of Yunan and Guizhou Time:2012/1/8 18:34:09 IP:66.252.234.XXX
    I paid $4430 USD for an 18-day tour of Yunan & Guizhou during the "Sister's Rice Festival" that included car, driver, guide, 2 hotels, no flights. I booked the remaining flights and hotels at my cost. My flight left Miami more that four hours late causing me to miss connections to Kunming. When I arrived Jason of China Connections Travel deleted portions of my trip then stranded me alone in a remote part of China with no car and guide.
    Dear Sir/Madam Sorry for what your travel organizer or local travel service had done to you during your tour in Yunnan Province. Could you please offer more information about local travel services in Yunnan and Kunming that were supposed to serve you as agreed. You can also send your complaints to [email protected]. And if the wrongdoing travel service is located in Guizhou Province, we suggest you send complaints to Guizhou Provincial Tourism Administration. With Regards
    (yangzg/2012/1/9 0:07:04)
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