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Scenic Attractions

  • Yunnan Wildlife Park

    the park is a unique tourist attraction combining wildlife taming and breeding, sightseeing, science education, and wildlife protection。...

  • Caoxi Buddhist Temple

    Enjoying a history of more than 800 years, this Buddhist temple is located in Wenquan Town of Anning City, 30 kilometers away from Kunming....

  • Yanquan Scenic Area

    Yanquan Scenic Attraction is located at the foot of Fushi Mountain, 2 kilometers from Yiliang county seat. Its name is derived from a spring whose water gushes out from under a rock....

  • Xiaoshuijing, Kunming's Typical Miao Village

    This Miao ethnic community is famous for its choir and most of the villagers are Christian.

  • Red Land in Dongchuan

    It is recognized as the most imposing red land after that of Rio de Janeiro’s

  • Qinglongxia Canyon Scenic Area

    The entire scenic area comprises five parts: Floating Area, Ancient Valley Exploring Area, Valley Scenic Area, Cherry Garden and Yi Ethnic Villages. ...

  • Guishan Mountain Forest Park

    The park is located in Shilin county where the world famous Stone Forest is.

  • Dounan Flower Market

    The market is the largest of its kind in southwest China.

  • Yangzong Lake Holiday Resort

    The Spring City Golf and Brilliant Spa Resort are all situated in this area, and visitors can also experience more than 40 programmes for entertainment....

  • Kunming Zoo

    Kunming Zoo first established in 1953 is one of the top ten zoos in China and its location also offer visitors a best place to admire the prosperous Sakura Flowers in springtime....