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  • The city of flowers

    Photo shot at the Jinma and Biji Archways, 12 September, downtown of Kunming

  • The city of Kunming

    A birds-eye view of the city of Kunming from the West Mt (Xishan)

  • The Ciyun Cave

    The Ciyun Cave enshrining the Goddess of Mercy is part of the Dragon Gate grottos on the West Mt, Kunming. ...

  • The Tiantai of Dragon Gate

    Tiantai or the "balcony of the heaven" is part of the Dragon Gate grottos on the West Mt, Kunming

  • The museum for animals

    Kunming Zoology Museum displays a large number of animal specimens.

  • Oil painting exhibition for WWII

    Oil painting exhibition in Kunming City Museum to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of China’s resistance against Japanese invasion and the world’s ani-Fascist during WWII....

  • The campus

    Yunnan University based in Kunming is the earliest university in Yunnan Province.

  • The sea of sunflowers

    Middle September will see the blooming of the large plantation of sunflowers in Mi'le county 150 km from Kunming....

  • Early morning in West Mt

    Photo taken at the West Mt, Kunming

  • The love gifts

    Lunar July 7 is the Chinese “Valentine's Day” and many locals choose flowers as gifts for lovers.