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  • The No. One Pagoda in Yunnan

    The seven-storeyed Ruiying Pagoda at Tanhua Temple is deemed the "No.1 Pagoda in Yunnan" ascending to which visitors can have a birds-eye view of Kunming....

  • The festival of dance

    Middle August sees the Axi branch of the Yi ethnic minority celebrate the grand dancing festival in Mi’le County which is about two-hour drive from Kunming. Photo courtesy of yninfo.com...

  • The old Kunming

    The memorial constructed in the 20th century is one of the landmarks in the old quarter of Kunming-Jingxing Market. ...

  • The outfit of Sani people

    The traditional costumes of the Sani people living around the Stone Forest.

  • The art on the fans

    The theme exhibition of bird-and-flower paintings, photo taken in the Kunming City Museum.

  • The God of Fortune

    Zhenqing Taoist temple nestling among high modern buildings in the busy city is one of the major Taoist arenas in Kunming. ...

  • The cultural industry expo

    The 2015 Yunnan Cultural Expo closing in Kunming on 12 August had attracted 0.2 million visitors during the 5-day long event. Photo courtesy of yninfo.com...

  • Folk paintings of the Sani people

    Folk paintings of the Sani people, Shilin County, Kunming

  • Sunrise

    Sunrise over the Dianchi Lake

  • People and life

    The wine toasting ceremony of Miao ethnic people, Luomian Town, Fumin County, Northwest Kunming