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  • Tanhua Temple Park peony exhibition

    Tanhua Temple Park of Kunming has recently launched the 5th peony exhibition displaying over 20 kinds of peonies....

  • The ancient Dian Kingdom

    The partially opened park is a new site in Kunming to demonstrate the culture of the ancient Dian Kingdom. ...

  • Flowers and blue skies

    One of visitor friendly cities in China, Kunming is in a scene of blooming flowers and blue skies in winter while most parts of China are in frozen weather. ...

  • The Railway Museum

    A quite large museum in Kunming, the Yunnan Railway Museum houses tens of hundred of artifacts many of which are related to the history of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway....

  • The waterfall park

    Half the population of Kunming is curious to take a look at this wonder which owes its existence to the soil excavated from the site....

  • Camellia flowers at Luolong Park

    The blooming camellia flowers in Luolong Park, Chenggong, Kunming

  • Jiaozi Snow Mountain

    As the highest mountain in Central Yunnan, Jiaozi Mt is where visitors can experience the ice (snow) in winter. ...

  • The angels

    The seagulls travel a long way to spend winter in Kunming each year.

  • The red leaves

    A wedding shot in Kunming Botanical Garden

  • The afterglow

    The shots of afterglow on 17 November in Kunming. Photo by ikm.clzg.cn