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  • Peach Blossoms in the Jiaoye Park

    The Jiaoye Park, where the Hump Air Route Memorial is, attracts lots locals to admire peach blossoms in spring. ...

  • The Stone Forest

    A masterpiece of the Stone Forest at night by photographers

  • The Hump Air Route

    Photo taken in the Flying Tigers Exhibition Hall, Kunming City Museum

  • Zhongai Archway

    One of the landmarks in the downtown

  • The Sleeping Beauty

    The West Mt, because of its silhouette, is called the Sleeping Beauty whose hair drifts into the Dianchi Lake which is said to have been formed from her tears as she awaits the return of her love....

  • Camellia, the City Flower of Kunming

    Known for assorted camellias, travellers to Yunnan as well as to its capital Kunming enjoy themselve

  • Countryside on the West Mt

    Maomaoqing Village at the back of the West Mt of Kunming is the favourite place for locals to spend weekends, either for enjoying the local food or appreciating captivating views in different seasons....

  • The Zealous Land

    The Redland in Kunming's Dongchuan District is as spectacular as that in Rio of Brazil.

  • For Good Luck

    At the Tuzhu (Patron God) Temple Fair in Guandu Old Town, Kunming locals have a tradition to touch the mascot for good luck-a white buffalo which is the holy ride of the Patron God. ...

  • Mother and Daughter

    As a branch of the Yi ethnic people, the Sani people toil and multiply mainly in Yiliang and Shilin counties, both of which are in the southeast of Kunming....