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Experience Kunming

  • Insects on the menu for lunch or supper?

    Eating insects obviously is an acquired taste but, in Kunming and other parts of Yunnan, decent or markets restaurants and the ubiquitous BBQ stalls offer a variety of edible insects for connoisseurs....

  • Cold Porridge

    As a kind of cold dish to ease hot in summer, the glutinous porridge is prepared with Chinese dates and black sugar, tasting fragrant and refreshing....

  • Mizhi Festival of the Sani People

    The special Mizhi Festival is traditionally attended by men, with mythical ceremonies in the Sani-inhabited areas around Shilin in the southeast of Kunming....

  • Lavender Wetland Park

    Nicknamed as Provence of Kunming, the park is Kunming’s best place to admire lavenders.

  • Wujiatang Wetland Park

    The largest wetland in Yunnan, Wujiatang attracts different landscape views in different season.

  • Haidong Wetland

    This lakeside wetland is one of Dianchi ecological parks, with various species of aquatic and terrestrial plants....

  • Outdoors: Beidaying Grass Mount

    The Grass Mount is a complex integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure vacation.

  • Outdoors: Maomaoqing Village

    Located at the backside of the West Mt, Maomaoqing is a good choice for hikers for one day tour.

  • Outdoors: Bajie Town of Anning

    Bajie Town, the largest town in Anning, is the goods distribution center for the surrounding counties of Kunming since the ancient times....

  • Outdoors: Changhu Lake

    The lake has become a camping resort, especially for locals of Kunming.