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Experience Kunming

  • Yuehu, a Sani Ethnic Village

    Yuehu Village is about 10 kilometers to the northeast of the Stone Forest Park. It is a typical village of the Sani People, a branch of the Yi minority. ...

  • Legend of Mount Xishan

    A tragically romantic story about the West Mountain

  • The Legend of the Bamboo Temple

    This legend tells about the mythical story of the Bamboo and Rhino in the Bamboo Temple which is known for the gorgeous clay sculptures of Arhats....

  • Northwest Yunnan Tour Route

    The Shangri-la Eco-tourism Zone in Northwest Yunnan is located on the south extension of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in the Hengduan Mountain longitudinal valleys....

  • Xiaobailong National Forest Park

    Xiaobailong National Forest Park is situated in the southwest of Yiliang County, about 40 km from Kunming. It covers 625 hectares....

  • The Story of Jew's Harp of the Yi People

    As a traditional musical instrument, the Yi ethnic Jew's Harp also has a folk story behind.

  • Guandu Jingang Pagoda

    The pagoda is one of the landmarks situated in Guandu Old town

  • The Trio Archways

    The three archways in triangle refer to Jinma Archway, Biji Archway and Zhong’ai Archway.

  • Ancient Tea-and-Horse Road

    It is an international business passage taking horse teams as the main transportation means. It is also a corridor of economic and cultural exchanges between the ethnical groups of southwest China....

  • Yunnan Opera

    Yunnan Opera or Dian Ju in Chinese is one kind of local operas in Kunming, integrating the various operas introduced to Kunming in Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty....