When the NCP epidemic is over, To see a colorful Kunming

Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak, all the scenic area has closed, people are all stay at home to avoid infection. But do you have any plan after the epidemic is over? Maybe to see a colorful Kunming is a good choice.


White in Kunming

Kunming's white, in addition to rice noodles, there are cute red-billed gulls, ever-changing clouds. At the end of the epidemic, if the elves haven't flew back to their home in Siberia, don’t forget to visit them, and  take photos with them.

Although the blue sky and white clouds can also be seen on the balcony, the clouds in Yunnan are always strange, and different surprises will be found at every angle. When the epidemic is over, you must see the ever-changing white clouds.


Red in Kunming

Spring City has never lacked the colorful beauty, but spring is more fascinating. When the epidemic is over, make an appointment with an old friend you haven't seen for a long time, find a quiet place, make a cup of Pu'er tea, and talk about your own life in these unseen days.

In the past, I always thought that the crowds of Yuantong Park were crowded when the cherry blossoms bloomed. This year, I don't want to miss the cherry blossoms and begonias in the park. Even if there are more people.


Of course, spring in Spring City will never be just the home of one or two flowers. Camellias, tulips, papaya flowers in parks will all appear as promised when spring comes.


Yellow in Kunming

Have you found that many famous buildings in Kunming are yellow, the Jiangwu Hall, the ruins of the Southwest United University, Shengli hall, etc. When the epidemic is over, I want to learn more about the culture and history related to Kunming.

Of course, countless yellow-colored foods are also amazing. Steam boiler chicken, fried potato, roasted tofu. When the epidemic is over, remember enjoy the snacks you really miss.


Green in Kunming

In the spring, flowers and plants continue to be green, and some emerge new branches. At that time, go to Cuihu Park for a walk, then go to the Botanical Garden to take a set of photos.


Blue in Kunming

Ascend Xishan to see the clear blue water and sky of Dianchi Lake. Go to Dianchi Dam and see the white wings of the red-billed gull across the blue sky.


Grey in Kunming

Gray, giving a dark atmosphere. In each city, there are often several blue slate paving, carrying historical streets. Jingxing Street, Qianwang Street, Guanghua Street. When you come here, you must slow down, step on the old roads, and enjoy the old Kunming charm created by the years.


(Article: Shiyunnan /Photo: Innyo,Internet)