Enjoy Hot Spring in Cold Winter

With the tempature getting lower and lower, where is the best place to spend the freeze winter? The best answer of this question must be hot spring. Around Kunming city there are a lot of hot springs that can be you first choice for a relaxed weekends.


Jinfang Hot Spring

Jinfang Hot Spring is a Japanese-style hot spring located in Anning City, about 45 minutes by car from Kunming. Anning city is famous of its hot spring since Ming Dynasty.


Jinfang Hot Spring covers an area of more than 60 acres, featuring 37 Japanese-style hot springs located on a forest-covered hill, 7 forest hubs, a standard swimming pool and a big hot spring pool. Fully relaxed you whole body in the hot spring and enjoy the enviroments.


  • Address: Jinfang Forest Hot Spring, Longxi Road, Anning City, Kunming City
  • Tel: 0871-68631588, 0871-68632788


Yunnan OCT Hot Spring Water World

Located in the middle section of Santorini vacation town, facing the sea and backing the mountain, it takes your eyes to the good view of the lakes and mountains in Yangzonghai Lake, reaching 32 square kilometers far. The project, covering 120,000 square meters, consists of the theme tourism of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, eco-tourism town, sports park, international conference center, top hot spring SPA, hot spring water park, ecological wetland and forest leisure park, including a European-style SPA with a building area of 20,000 square meters, which owns a hot spring pool area with 65 characteristic pools.




  • Address: Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town, Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot, Yiliang County, Kunming
  • Tel: 0871-68389333


Brilliant Resorts and Spa

Kunming Brilliant Resorts and Spa is located in Yangzonghai National Tourist Resort, less than an hour's drive from Kunming downtown and Kunming Changshui Airport. It absolutely an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city temporarily.


The decoration of resorts use Chinese traditional culture and Yunnan's unique regional culture have created extraordinary personality and charm of the Brilliant Resorts.


The hotel is equipped with pure natural open-air garden-style hot spring, Pu'er tea room, Pu'er tea museum, spa, yoga hall and other facilities. Each villa has a swimming pool and hot spring bath. Kunming Brilliant Resorts and Spa is committed to the exploration and practice of TCM health culture. Guests will be able to get the guidance of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medcine) health experts in physical therapy, diet, and exercises.


  • Address: Yangzonghai area, Kunming, Yunnan, China
  • Tel: 0871- 68884999


Yingyuetan Hot Spring

Yingyuetan Hot Spring is located in Daying Street, Yuxi city. It’s about an hour drive from Kunming downtown. Yingyuetan Hot Spring is a Japanese style hot spring resort.

The spring water comes from more than 2,000 meters underground, water temperature is 51 degrees Celsius. More than 40 open-air pools with different functions are hidden in the forests. The high and low temperature pools are formed by using the height difference to achieve the most effective use of hot spring water.


The restaurant in the resort is traditional traditional Yuxi style. “Eight Great Bowls” is the traditional Yuxi cuisine for entertain guests. It’s also named as “Pig Eight Bowls (Zhu Ba Wan)” or “Su Shao Eight Great Bowls”, which is the best feast in the countryside of Yuxi. Its cooking methods are mainly fried, steamed, stewed, boiled and crisped, with special local flavor tastes.


  • Address: Dayingjie Town, Hongta District, Yuxi , Yunnan Province, China
  • Tel: 0877-2772788


Ancient Dian Hot Spring Villa

The total building area of Anciet Dian Hot Spring Villa is 17360.4 square meters. The hot spring water from Yunnan mineral geothermal water 2500 meters underground. Take around 40 minutes drive from Kunming to the villa.  

The whole Villa is composed of seven themed areas. The Peak Infinity Pool is one of the premier feature pools in Yunnan. While swimming freely in the infinity pool on the top of the hill, you can enjoy the vast landscape of Dianchi Lake and  the beautiful sunset.


  • Address: Opposite to Sakura Valley, Huanhu South Road, Jinning District, Kunming
  • Tel: 0871-67808188


 (Photo: innyo, Brilliant Resorts and Spa, Yingyuetan Hot Spring )