Here has the most beautiful autumn scenery in Kunming

The autumn winds blow up and the world has opened up a colorful model. In Kunming in October, every inch of land is beautiful. Let’ s find out the most beautiful autumn scenery around Kunming.


Shilin Scenic Area

In autumn, the yellow leaves are hidden in the black stone forest. Stones with different postures seem to have been dyed with colorful colors, which give tourists to enjoy this unique karst style.



The cosmos flower sea is on the side, when the wind is coming, the fragrant can makes you feel relaxed.



Jiaozi Mountain Scenic Area

In the autumn, you must go to the Jiaozi Mountain Scenic Area. To see the golden forests, the snow, the flowing water entwined by the clouds are like a beautiful picture.


In the evening, standing on the observation deck, watching the sunset slowly fall, quiet and beautiful.



Dongchuan Red Land

In Dongchuan, autumn is a magica season. Some of the red lands have been loosen for planting, while others have been planted with green barley, wheat or other crops. From afar, it looks so gorgeous, like a piece of color painted by god.





Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot

Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot is a famous springs area around Kunming, when the weather is getting more and more colder, springs is a good choose to warm up you body.

Surrounded by purple flower sea, the Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot in the golden autumn is more attractive.


Jiuxiang Scienc Area

Jiuxiang Scienc Area has hundreds of large and small caves. It is the largest and most numerous cave community in China. It is also known as the “ Cave Museum”.



Spectacular waterfalls, such as the same picture scroll in front of the eyes, makes tourists unforgetable.



(Article: Kunming Faner/ Photo:Innyo, Kunming Faner)