Fairylands around Kunming

Xundian Pasture

Xundian Pasture located at Xundian county, Kunming, about two hours driver from Kunming city. However, there are more mountain roads, so it is recommended to pay attention to safety and concentrate on driving on the road.

Xuandian Pasture is free to entry, the pure environment attract many tourists to enjoy the nature.


Ailao Mountain

Ailao Moutain is the most intact and preserved natural forest community around Kunming.

Ailao Mountain is known as the “Heart of Xinping” with its unique virgin forests and mild and humid climate in the central Yunnan. Strolling through the mountains, fresh air and the eyes are full of green. The magical power of the original forest soothes the pressure.

If you have enough time, you can also go to see the sunrise and sunset in Ailao Mountain, which will make you unforgettable. It is definitely the most memorable experience.


Zhaotong Xiaocaoba

The most beautiful scenery is often hidden in the least known place. Around Kunming, there is a place known as “Jiuzhaigou in Yunnan”, it is Xiaocaoba in Zhaotong.

Xiaocaoba scienc spot located at northeast of Yiliang couty, Zhaotong city. It is a provincial-level nature reserve, integrating landscapes such as virgin forests, river, waterfalls, ponds and stone forests, and the national customs of Miao and Yi. It not only has various vegetations and biological species, but also has many rare animals and plants.

There are a wide variety of azaleas in Xiaocaoba. When autumn is coming, the flowers have gradually begun to deeper, the leaves of various colors are naturally intertwined, to decorate the Xiaocaoba.


Beidaying Grassland

Beidaying Grassland located in Beidaiying Village, Xundian County, it is a beautiful campsite. In Beidaying Grassland you can not only enjoy the fun of camping but the starry sky is beautiful.

Because there is no light pollution, the starry sky of the Beidaying Grassland is very pure, and the number of stars in the sky is countless.

The most interesting thing is to have a picnic and camping here. With the whole family and friends, it is a best relaxing time.


(Photo and Article: Yunnanquan)